Who is Inland Brands?

Inland Brands. A family of three unique Aussie businesses.

It’s me! I’m the human behind Inland Brands. I pick and pack every order, and it’s me who hand writes a note with your order.


My venture into e-commerce started in 2021 with business #1, Cuttin’ Tracks & Truckin’ Fats (CTTF).


CTTF was born from a difficult time, and became an outlet of positivity, helping manage some personal grief. What evolved was a community of ‘customers’ who were and still are, regularly in my DM’s. I’m sharing in their highs and lows, watching as they change jobs, have children, lose people they love etc. It’s not what they told me e-commerce was going to be about, it’s better.


I felt encouraged to keep creating, and Up North Out West and Friday Truckers were born. Whilst these all started out as separate businesses, I noticed a cohort of CTTF customers were buying from the other two also, whilst paying multiple shipping fees. It made sense therefore, to bring them together under one roof. Enter Inland Brands.


Knowing myself, I can absolutely guarantee there will be more changes and improvements ahead for Inland Brands. I look forward to being able to improve the customer experience and further develop unique product offerings. I genuinely love the interactions I have with my customers, and look forward to investing more of myself into the business.


Feel free to reach out and say hi.