TERRY BUCKET HATS: Medium fit, to head size 57.5cm

COTTON CAPS: One Size Fits All: 53-62cm 

TRUCKER HATS: One Size Fits All: 53-62cm



There are 3 different trucker hat fits in the CTTF range: High, Regular and Small.

HIGH: This is the size that fits most people. They have the high, squarer look that Australian style trucker hats are known for. Anecdotally, 2 or 3 people in ten, will find that these hats have too much room up top, and therefore prefer Medium or Small.

If you've previously only ever worn baseball caps, these may feel quite high to begin with. IF IN DOUBT, GO MEDIUM.

MEDIUM: These fit very similarly to the High, but have a subtle difference in crown height. They also have a slightly less ‘square’ appearance front on. If you’re new to country style truckers, then you may prefer this style.

The difference is not hugely noticeable when comparing them side by side to the High, but the fit will be slightly more snug, with less air space in the crown.

SMALL: Great for kids, and some adults (eg; me, I wear akubra size 55-56).

These are smaller all over, but still have the appearance of a higher profile trucker hat, because the dimensions remain in proportion.

If you often find your ears are tucked inside your hat (again, me) this size is more likely to accommodate you better. Some ears sit higher than others, resulting in the tucked ears problem. 

If you are generally up to a size 56 in Akubras etc, then this fit will probably be for you. This size is also perfectly suited to kids ages 5 up.



TERRY BUCKET HATS: Medium fit, to head size 57.5cm